• Be the life of the party

    Take the ipico™ projector anywhere you go! Nothing's more social than a party or group get together and sharing what's new. No more crowding around a small phone screen to see your newest photos, videos and adventures. Share them with everyone in the room and you're sure to be the life of the party.

  • Enjoy the great outdoors

    Who said you have to enjoy your home theater in the comfort of your own home? With the portable ipico™ projector, you can easily set up your home theater anywhere. Rooftop parties, at the beach, camping and in the great outdoors – there are no limits, only your imagination. Simply pair your iPod touch® or iPhone® with a portable, wireless speaker and you are ready to go! What could be easier?

  • A bigger screen for your bedroom

    Nothing's cooler than watching your favorite videos or this week's most popular ones on You Tube, or is it? ipico™ just made it cooler! How about taking your devices small screen and making it larger than life? Whether it's on your wall or on the ceiling the ipico makes watching your videos, movies and slideshows practically as cool as you are.

  • Shred it, tear it, show it off

    What's the point of nailing major air and your best board slide ever, if you can't brag about it to your friends? Adrenaline junkies unite, the ipico™ hand-held projector is just the side kick to have along for the ride and let's you be a big show off no matter where you are.

  • Girls night out

    You know how much you love to dish and share your social calendar with your gal pals. Why not take the compact ipico™ projector along with you next time, so they can see and experience that sold-out concert you were lucky enough to get front row seats to?