A Shiny New App for you - it's free ; )

Add all new features and capabilities to your ipico™ hand-held projector with our exclusive ipico™ app.

Download free from the iTunes® App Store today.

  • Facebook

    Admit it, you're a social media fanatic. View your pages, friends, photos, and news feeds on a virtual big screen.

  • Websites

    Add your favorite websites to the ipico web portal and sites are ready to project anywhere.

  • Videos

    Access and play your own videos taken with your iPhone or iPod touch as well as play downloaded music videos and more. **

  • Photos

    Touch the photo icon and all your favorite albums are right at your fingertips, ready to thumb through or start a slideshow.

  • YouTube™

    Stay in step with who's who and what's popular. Access YouTube™ anytime, anywhere, and bigger than ever!

  • Magnify

    Use your imagination! This feature uses your device's camera and will magnify and project what you focus on.

** Copyrighted content, such as movies, tv shows and other content purchased or rented from the iTunes store, will not play back via the ipico app. To access, play and project this type of content via your ipico, you must use the stock iPhone or iPod touch installed video app on your Apple device.